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How long does it take for blood pressure to lower after first prescribed dosage?

Went to the urgent care for my finger and I had high blood pressure. I went home and it was still high so an hour later I went back to ER for my pressure, they gave me that pill that lowers the pressure instantly with in an hour about 3am. It went from 180/118 to 160/90. They sent me home with a prescription of hctz and propolonal 20 and 25 strength. At 12 noon I took my first prescription and at 3pm it was still high like the original number.
Does it take that long to work? Should I keep running back and forth to the ER? This is the first day..
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I'm a 40 year old female. My husband said I should walk outside and enjoy the area to fee my mind etc. my mom said I need to stay home and turn the tv. When it's high like this, should I stay home and not move?
How often should I take my pressure?
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