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Is this dangerous?

I’m 27 yrs old I’ve been diagnosed with hypertension and LVH of 1.5 thickness two years ago. Ive been on meds 3-4 different types for some time now at least 3-4 years recently this year I’ve been been getting really bad skipped beats, no pain(YET) associated but I get them frequently now like sometimes 20 a day more so now than ever. Some will be small others will be scary and feel like they take your breath....almost feels like a hard extra beat or missed beat. I’ve talked to my cardio once about this a year ago and he kind of shrugged it off like it’s no big deal if no pain ex.) but then I only had a couple a day now it’s like everyday and it’s only when I’m resting never when I workout. I do have a lower resting hr around 50-60, anyone else have this? It’s mainly when I’m resting and it’s a lot more frequent if I lay on my back or stomach....very uneasy feeling.....I also get some body twitches in my leg or back when these are accurring. I don’t see my cardio for 3 more months
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