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Liver count up....Could one of these meds or combo be culprit?

My (74 year old) father currently is taking these medications together  Pravastatin Sodium   80mg,  Zetia   10 mg, Isosorbide Mnonitrate   30 mg, Metoprolol tartrate  50 mg, Plavix      75 mg, Amlodipine  Besylate  10 mg, Aspirin (nsaid)  81 mg low dose
The doctor told him his liver count is up 66 and the lower range is 64.  Would any of these drugs or combination of these drugs make liver count increase?
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The pravastatin could be the reason, however which of his liver enzymes are elevated? Let us know and I may be able to help you out.

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I would appreciate any help you may have Jon.  My father told me:

AST,  Serum
Normal is 15-41 IU/L His 44

ALT,  Serum
Normal is 17-63 IU/L   His 66

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Your numbers are not bad, most doctors don't treat these until they get over 150. Your doctor has weighed the risk of side effects to the benefit of your treatment and made this decision. I would not be too concerned about enzymes that high, I have seen these well over 300 and as I said, doctors don't usually give it a second thought until it spikes over 150.

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Thank you...I read this about the statins.  I will pass this along to my dad.  Thanks for some peace of mind.
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