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Sudden attack of hypotension,feeling stiff, sluggish movement.

Two days back suddenly for no apparent reason, I felt sick, tired and stiff all over my body. I went to doc and found BP 100/70. Since then I am continuing to feel stiff, tired, knee pain upon walking, and moving sluggish. Sometimes chest pain on left side, possibly gas, with no symptoms in left arm. I was advised to increase fluid, prescribed multivitamin, and told to take paracetamol if I get a fever. First day there was no fever, but since yesterday I am having fever to 99.
This kind of feeling is coming on many times in evening after I wake up from a nap of 1-2 hours, but then I feel normal in 1 hour or so.
But this time it is persisting now into third day. Though I am feeling better but the fever, stiffness and sluggishness is not going away.
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