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What does a big drop in Diastolic pressure mean after exercise?

I am 26 and have been diagnosed with hypertension. I have normal cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and a normal echocardiogram.

I recently had an ecg stress test done because of some chest pain. My results were exaggerated bp response. But the doctor did not elaborate, or schedule any other follow up exams. Cardiologist didnt seem to think it was too much of a big deal. But I've read exaggerated bp responses are important in stress tests.

My ecg looked fine the whole time. While exercising my SBP went up to around 190. My DBP lowered from 85 to 77 or so during exercise. After the exercise during the recovery period (seated in a chair), my SBP gradually decreased, but by DBP instantly dropped to around 55 and stayed that low for around a while. My heart rate was elevated to around 140 this whole time as well. It took around an hour for my heart rate to come down past 100 and my DBP to come up to 75 or so again.

what does the dbp response indicate if anything? I haven't had much luck here or in other forums relating to this question. most seem to focus on a reduced SBP response to exercise.
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