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Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia

We recently had to put our 6 year old female Golden Retriever to sleep after she became deathly anemic. After a 3 day inpatient stay in vet hospital 2 blood transfusions, IV fluids, IV steroids with no improvement. Cancer was ruled out and vet determined that Autoimmune Disease was the diagnosis our dog closest fit into. The vet told us from the beginning that our dog was a "confusing case" since she didn't fit all the criteria for Autoimmune Disease.  We are devastated at our loss and look back at things we missed wondering what may have caused this in an otherwise healthy dog. Of course when something like this happens you try to learn as much as you can and I've read some articles about overvaccinating and a possible connection with what we experienced and I'm interested in getting your thoughts. Our dog received the following annual vaccinations on 2/12/16: DHP-P, RABIES, BORDETELLA INJECTABLE, CANINE INFLUENZA. We lost her 5/6/16. Thank you for your time.
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