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CRF cat again

I have come to seek advise on what to give my cat again,
First of all Il would like to say that without MedHelp, and especially Dr Chen's kind advice I would probably not have been able to keep my cat until now. I am therefore very thankful for this site
The Rhemania 8 formula has made wonders and given her more strengh to live up to her 19th year but lately, it seems her condition is worstening. She has been hiding under the bed a lot, and not eating much. Her urea and crea levels have been going up a bit also
I am going to try the Xiang Sha Liu Jun Zi Tang formula, in order to get her back eating again, is that right?
I also heard that canned pumpkin would be a a good idea for vitamins, has anybody really tried that?
I'm looking forward to any advise that doesn't include azodyl (not available in france)

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