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Did these Chinese Herbs complicate my dog's heart condition?

I am reposting my question as I may have not posted correctly to the right area of this web site the first time. I will look for an answer. My beautiful  Cocker/Jack Russell began having one seizure per month, every month  in January 2017. Back to Back seizures until October. These were very stressful for me and probably for him,too. After a seizure, he always wanted to walk around a lot, go somewhere, everywhere, anywhere. He would be disorientated for a while and he and I walked until he felt better.  I realized his quality of life suffered too much on standard drugs of first phenobarbital and then also K-Bromide, (trying to switch to K-Bromide) and sought treatment with Chinese herbs. I gradually lessened the doses of standard drugs until I could stop giving those before starting Chinese herbs. Though I am discovering most of  these Chinese herbs were not exactly for seizures, the holistic vet prescribed several different herbs and combinations between April and December. First in April 2017, these were  Si Miao San, 1/2 teaspoon 2 x a day. The holistic said the first powdered herbs were to cleanse the toxins out of his body. April 25th  we started with  Xiao Chia Hu Tang  1/2 teaspoon 2x a day. On Sept 19th A changed formula again-Powdered Ban xia bai zhu yu tang 80%  Dang qui Shao yao san 20% same dose- 1/2 teaspoon in food 2 x a day. December 6th another change, -- 40% Cang er san with 10% Si Miao San 1/2 teaspoon 2 x a day. I was to continue the Ban zia bai zhu yu tang and Dang qui shao yao san with the herbs prescribed on December 6th-vary these if possible to his tolerance.  I am realizing the holistic vet believed my dog was entering or developing cancer and was treating for that condition, where as I was more concerned about his seizures.  He spoke of elevated levels of calcium in his blood work., My dog did not have cancer. At least not yet. I am trying to understand if I might have had better results for my little Baby had I treated for his heart condition.I am think his heart condition worsened in the recent months since August and so  this is my question--did these Chinese herbs work against us over all or help in some way? He seemed o.k. , just getting slower and would be tired, napped during day time and sleep through the night generally.He acted like he enjoyed breezes, stand for long periods of time taking in air. In December he did not sleep as well and was very tired during day. Suffered anxiety sometimes.
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