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Dog with Possible Acid Reflux

I have a 3 year old dog that is believed to be having acid reflux. Her Vet did have her on Pepcid AC, but she was still having some issue's, so now she is on Prilosec. Here's the symptoms she was having: Acting like something was caught in her throat, gulping, licking her lips, burping, passing gas, not wanting to eat very much & then vomiting up yellow bile. (My dog is with me 24/7, & is NEVER out of my sight. She is my Therapy dog, & I know for a fact she didn't swallow anything before anyone questions that.) My dog is a VERY picky eater, & she always has been. I used to give her small pieces of boiled chicken breasts added in with her meal sometimes to help her get more protein. Which the Vet gave me the OK to do. I noticed my dog seemed to have the symptoms above more AFTER she ate the boiled chicken, so I stopped that. The Vet. said she wants her on a Low-Fat diet. My dog loves Rachael Ray Nutrish, but it's slightly over the 10% or less Crude Fat limit she'd like. The Vet. requested that I only give her the Rachael Ray dog food, & that's it & if she does ok with it, she'll allow her to stay on the Rachael Ray. If not, we will have to try to find another dog food she'll actually eat. She's not allowed any dog treats, or anything else. We've been doing this now for almost 2 weeks. The symptoms have nearly stopped. She will occasionally lick her lips, or burp, but for the most part she's doing a lot better. Sometimes her stool is loose too, but it's not diarrhea...The problem? I do NOT want my dog on Prilosec the rest of her life, even though she is just taken a quarter of the pill twice a day. I know it can do damage to her organs if taken long term, & she is my baby & I want what is best for her. I have tried everything I know of to help her naturally. I've tried putting a little raw Apple Cider Vinegar in her water, I've tried giving her puree pumpkin to help her stomach, & I've tried giving her plain Greek yogurt as a probiotic. She won't drink the water with the ACV in it, & she turns her nose up at the pumpkin & yogurt. (I even made homemade pumpkin dog biscuits for her once & she wouldn't eat that either)... The Vet even gave me a sample of Hills Prescription Digestive Care i/d Stress dog food, & she smells it & walks away. The ONLY thing that she actually likes (that she can eat anyways) is the Rachael Ray Nutrish Chicken & Veggies. Then today I read online that it's best if dogs with acid reflux/GERD eats No Grain food, or a raw diet. I can go ahead & say I already know my dog won't touch the raw dog food. She is beyond picky! I'm asking for help, because I feel all alone in trying to help cure her. I don't want to mask the problem with Prilosec. I'm very new to holistic care, & I'm the only person I know that's wanting to follow this path, & get away from the conventional meds as everyone around me thinks I'm nuts. PLEASE help. I will appreciate any & all advice....Oh, & one last thing -- She is up-to-date on all vaccines, stool test samples (One was taken last month because I wanted it checked & it came back ok), etc. but she is due for an annual checkup in less than a month.)
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I didn't mean for this to be posted twice! I apologize. I tried to delete this one, & I don't see an option to do so! Newbie here. First time posting.
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