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Holistic approach for pemphigus

I have a 4 year old, male, shepherd/husky/collie mix who was diagnosed with pemphigus last year.  The disease affects the skin on his nose, inside his ears, and the pads of his paws.  The skin in these areas, if left untreated, get quite red, raw, scabby, and scaly.  He is currently on predisone, an oral steroid. He was first prescribed a heavy dose but has now been tapered down to the lowest possible dose that won't put him into remission.  However, I recently went away and boarded him at an open concept kennel (which he has been to before), and upon my return was disappointed to see that his nose had completely crusted over despite the fact that he had been given his meds. Since then (about two weeks ago) his nose has not healed, it is still red and scaly, we have increased his steroids to try and get his nose cleared up, but he also has an infection that our vet has prescribed antibiotics for.

So, to summarize, he's on predisone and antibiotics, his nose hasn't been clearing up and he has an infection.  To top it all off, the side effects from the steroids are really getting to him (not to mention me as well).  The poor guy is so thirsty and hungry all the time! He ALWAYS has to pee! He has been panting non-stop. His stomach is tense and bloated. He's gained weight. He lacks energy and I would say that his overall quality of life has declined quite dramatically since the steroid use. Needless to say, I'm at my wits end. I love Jasper very much and am in desperate need for an alternative to the steroids. Something tells me I have to get him off of them sooner rather than later.  

I've done a bit of research into holistic approaches and have found a number of remedies such as colloidal silver, thuja 30c, Transfer Factor Plus, acupuncture, hear sylph 30c, flaxseed oil, goji juice, marine phytoplankton, frequensea, enerex super marine phytoplankton RX, Bach flower essence (holly, crab apple, beech), and the list goes on. This is all very overwhelming to me and i'm not quite sure where to start and what to start with. I know that i have to taper him off of the steroids slowly rather than just stopping cold turkey. Any information and/or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Jasper and I thank you!
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