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Holistic treatment for Cushings diet/supplements/homeopathy/herbs
My dog Dizzy showing signs of Cushings she drinks a lot, is not as frisky as she was, has a hard pot belly and a bald patch on her tail these physical signs and the blood test lead my vet to strongly suspect Cushings and he has suggested a more extreme but definative tests and the on going life long treatment would be lysodren. I have insurance but it only covers up to £500 vet costs including treaments for a year after diagnosis then stops!! So given that and the fact that she has a good quality of life and is not suffering at all? I have postponed futher blood tests until this condition absolutely requires it I would like to know if there are any other things I can do to help her like diet I am on a very low income but would wish to improve her diet and give her supplements that might ease the onset of her symptoms. I have stopped putting cereal in her food (mixer) I use a good quality tinned food based on tripe and mix in Hills id. I have found supply of canine nettle which I have heard would be good to add can you advise?  
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There are many supplements that would help your dog with the symptoms of Cushing's Syndrome, but when the supplements are no longer effective it would be best to move on to the more traditional forms of treatment.  Lysodren is the old standby but there are other treatments such as Trilostane that are also highly effective.  Please discuss options with your vet. when the time comes to use lysodren or trilostane.

A diet with a low glycemic index is very important, if possible.  This would include high protein, no grain, and low carbohydrate dog food, or a home-made diet.  If using home-made please add a multivitamin and mineral supplement.  A good human vitamin and mineral supplement would work.  If your dog weighs 50 pounds (22 kilos) or more please use 1/2 the  human dose.

If your dog also has pancreatitis it would be advisable to get her digestive system and liver function optimised with the following supplements:

1. Probiotics (good gut bacteria)  
2. Digestive enzymes
3. Alpha Lipoic acid (Liver support)
4. Sam-E (Liver support)
5. Milk Thistle/Silymarin (liver Support)
6. Burdock (liver support)
7. Ginkgo Biloba (can reduce cortisol secretion)

Generally, Cushing's Syndrome is most commonly categorized as a Yang Pathogen with Yin deficiency, or a Yin and Qi deficiency in Chinese Veterinary Medicine. Definitive diagnosis for your dog should of course, be performed by a veterinary herbalist in your area, if available.

The following is a list of common Chinese herbal formulas available online or at Chinese Markets which may be effective for the most common Cushing's patterns are, listed from weakest to strongest:

1. Si Miao San (Four Marvels)
2. Mai Men **** Tang (Decoction of Ophiopogon Root, or Ophiopogon Powder)
3. Long Dan Xie Gan Tang (Gentian Drain the Liver Decoction), this one is strongest and is used for the most excessively panting, anxious and hot patient.

Please check with your veterinarian for exact dosing.
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