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My cat

My cat is going to be 12 years old.  He had his first bout of kidney issues in June of 2014.  I immediately changed his diet to raw beef kidney, which he loves and started him on Petwellbeing Kidney gold and urinary tract gold.  I have since taken my cat to a holistic vet and he took him off of both of those products and put him Rehmannia 6 along with some other supplements for his kidneys.  While he was on the Pet wellbeing product he was doing great and his numbers were normal.  Now his numbers are back up, along with his cholesterol.  I want to put him back on the pet wellbeing, but I would like to know the difference between the product and the Rehmannia 6.  I don't think the Rehmannia 6 is doing the trick.  If it were your cat, what would you do, and also is there anything else that could help to get his numbers down quickly?  He is eating great and using the litter box just fine.  He recently went to the vet and they found that he has enterococcus.  He had none of that when he was on the pet wellbeing.  Any advice would be helpful.  Thank you.
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