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Natural Arthritis Relief

Can anyone recommend any good natural remedies for arthritis in small dogs.  My dog is on two arthritis medications Novox and Tramadol and I would like to replace them with more natural remedies.
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There are many remedies for arthritis.  I will list several.  If you would like more information about one or more please either post again.

Acupuncture is extremely helpful either as a solo therapy or in conjunction with other medications, herbal formulas and nutraceuticals.

Stem Cell therapy is becoming extremely helpful and testimonials about it's merits abound.  The stem cells are retrieved from the patient, not from embryonic tissue.  This is costly, however.

Physical Therapy

Weight Loss, if necessary

Glucosamine and Chondroitin supplementation either in an oral form or injectable (Adequan, available from your vet).  The oral formulas are widely available without prescription.

Omega 3 fatty acids from a marine source.

Chinese Veterinary Herbal Formula's:
From Dr. Xie's,  Jing Tang Herbal Company (by prescription from your vet): Body Sore, Hindquarter Weakness, Di Gu Pi, Coix Formula and many more.

From Kan Herbal Company (by prescription from your vet): Benefits Knees and Hips,

Natural Pet Rx: Joint Ease (by prescription from your vet)

Dog Gone Pain is an over the counter formula available online.

Human Formulas that can also by used by your dog:

From Plum Flower Company (non-prescription from many online sites): Solitary Hermit (Du Huo Ji Sheng), and Joint Inflammation Teapills (Guan Jie Yan Wan),

From Health Concerns Company: Mobility 2 and Mobility 3: available online without a prescription.

It would of course be best to find a holistic vet in your area who can customize your dogs holistic protocol, of course.  

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