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Natural Flea Prevention for Cats

Hi all,

Does anyone know of any PREVENTATIVE holistic treatments for cats who do not have fleas to help them continue to not have fleas?  I've found a lot on the internet about holistic treatments to get rid of fleas, but thankfully we do not need that.

My rental house lease requires I use a flea preventative treatment on my cat once a month.  She has only ever had fleas once when I adopted her, and never again.  Alas, since she is an indoor/outdoor cat, it is a requirement.  I don't expect the property manager will be checking up on this, but would like to have a plan in place just in case and to respect the owner of the property.

Anyway, my cat has an autoimmune disorder (Eosinophilic granulomas or Rodent Ulcers), so I really try to avoid anything harsh that might give her a flare up.  Plus, I'm not very keen on medications, toxins, etc. in general.  

Any suggestions, leads, or resources would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!
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