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Prednisone vs Holistic?

I'm almost at the end of hope with my cat Myrrh the Purr. He has irritable bowel and has been on prednisone and probiotics for at least 3 months and there is no improvement. He is one sick, miserable, bloated little guy.

I just purchased an IBS kit from Ask Ariel, a holistic pet provider.  I've no experience with holistic/homeopathic, and after working for an MD who laughed his rear off about homeopathic remedies, am a little sceptical but at the same time, it is our last hope for Myrrhy, as the Vet's advice/med isn't doing much for the cat. The descriptions on the holistic meds are bang-on descriptive of the problems Myrrh is having and I'm willing to try anything i can afford.

I got him to try the Soothing Digestive relief this morning (powder in food) and he ate over half. He has been much quieter and not clingy today, and when he arose, did look less bloated. I'm not hearing the extremely loud tummy noises right now (but they are off and on). He also had an estimated 4 drops of apostom homeopathic medicine.I'm hopeful it is helping.

The Homeopathic meds did NOT come with any kind of dropper, as i assumed they would. They have an odd cap with a needle-size hole. (Pretty disappointing for over a hundred bucks...) How is this usually given to a cat? This morning I used a plastic dropper from the baby simethicone he's been on, shook out 4 drops and sucked them up with the dropper. Wasn't seeming too accurate... Where do I buy the right stuff to measure/administer these liquids?

Also, when the vet gave probiotics, it seemed to inflame the whole situation. I kept them up for 2 weeks, but he was sicker the whole time...this is a mixed bunch of bacteria, not just one like in the Purina brand from the vet. Should I start it off slow or something, as he seemed to have trouble the first time on them? I'm inclined to start with a small dose, as he really had a bad explosive episode on the Purina brand the first time with a full dose.

And the Prednisone 5mg he takes daily. I know you can't give medical advice, but does anyone have opinions on keeping it up or discontinuing it?  His appetite is huge on the pred and I worry the constant full tummy is not helping his lack of digestion.

Thank you for any info you can give!

Any comments on IBS and Holistic meds greatly appreciated, as well as info on giving the meds.
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