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Size of Azodyl capsules

We are using Azodyl with good results, as evidenced by improved lab results.  My question is the size of the capsule:  a smaller capsule would be easier for a small animal to swallow.  A coated pill, with the medication compressed, would be easier as well.

Is a pill available?  Is a smaller capsule available?

Thank you.
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I am a holistic veterinarian and am glad your cat is doing better. Azodyl is nothing more than "friendly bacteria" similar to the bacterial cultures found in organic yogurt, like Activia, which you may have seen advertised on television.  Veterinarians refer to these "friendly bacteria as Probiotics.

After researching Azodyl, I can honestly tell you that there are several sources of Probiotics that you can choose from, available both online at at retail stores, many of which are far superior, much less expensive and have actual "LIVE" bacteria present.

Azodyl is being marketed as a product that helps pets with kidney failure issues. Pets' kidneys are sterile and contain NO bacteria. If the kidneys did contain bacteria, this would be a condition called Nephritis, which is a severe kidney infection.

Selling Azodyl as a kidney supplement is how this company promotes sales of its outdated Epikacin product. Epikacin is a calcium based product made by the same company that manufactures and markets Azodyl, which was previously used to bind and remove excess phosphorus from the blood of cats and dogs with failing kidneys. It has been replaced by a newer product that is far more effective and does not have adverse side effects.

Unfortunately pets in kidney failure, not only suffer with excess blood levels of Phosphorus, they are also plagued by excess Calcium in their blood, which is why Epikacin is no longer recommended for pets with kidney failure.

Today, veterinarians that are Board Certified in Internal Medicine and specialize in kidney function have replaced this with a product called Aluminum Hydroxide, which safely binds and removes excess phosphorus from the blood without causing excess blood levels of Calcium as a result.

I hope this information is somewhat helpful and am glad to discus this with you further.

Best Wishes,
Dr. Carol Osborne, DVM
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My feeling about Azodyl is:  "if it ain't broke don't fix it".  If your cat is responding positively to Axodyl please continue with the product even if it is inconvenient to give.  

Try lubricating the capsule with olive or fish oil prior to giving.  The makers of Azodyl are aware of the difficulty in administer the large capsule but there are currently no other forms.

Do add the Chinese herbal formula "Rehmannia 8" for additional kidney support for your cat.  It is a common Chinese Herbal Formula available online in liquid, teapills, capsules and powders.

Good Luck!

Dr Aleda Cheng  DVM, CVA
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