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homemade dogfood

can anyone assist to a way i can make a good healthy dog food. I have 2 yorkies 1 is 9 lbs and the other is th eson of the mother and he is 6 months and 2 lbs. We dont think he is going to get very big. the mother had a litter of 4 rangeing from 2lbs to 8lbs. I really enjoy this sight, hope it posts in the right forum as i am new at this
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It is very easy to make good healthy home made dog food that is *much* better for your dog than the types sold in stores, and not really any more expensive. I use brown rice, chicken, a variety of veggies (whatever I have on hand - usually including celery & carrots & broccoli) and make up a big batch and put it up in serving-size plastic containers in the fridge to dispense all week.

My brother & sister in law do it a bit differently - they make up the meals every evening fresh - and they use pasta more than rice. They also serve one meat & one vegetable each night - with a rotation of chicken-ground beef-liver and whatever veggies are on hand - like a can of peas or frozen mixed veggies, etc.

Nothing to it! Just follow the same guidelines you would for yourself - lean meats, variety, etc.
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