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A horse losing weight and cant gain

I have a horse that will not gain weight. I am a little nervous with the way she looks. You can see her spine and ribes real well as well has her hip bones. We have tried everything and have taken her to the WSU vet. They gave up on her and just told us to wait and see what happens. It has been a year now. I was hoping someone out there might have the same problem or did. If you have any ideas that would be great.
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Does she have any other medical issues or symptoms (lack of energy, irritability etc.) as well?  
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2 years ago we bread her and the guy who was taking care of her straved her and she founder off of alfalfa and grass. She of course lost the baby. But after that she started haveing these muscle spasmes and she would lay down all the time. Vets found nothen wrong with her. She is way better now and the spasmes are gone, but then we could not put any weight on her. She has alot of energy and wants to be worked but we are scared cause she is to skinny. We have tried everything. But she is a little meaner to the other horses. We have her by herself and she has all the hay she needs. We just dont know what to do anymore.
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If she is having debilitating muscle spasm, and she has QH blood in her but you are unsure of her lines, get her tested for HYPP.. if she is impressive bred, also get her tested...  Two other things, is she may have ulcers, or worms.. you should be worming her every 6-8 weeks and rotating to different types of wormers

Hay is not a balanced ration,.,, many horses cannot survive on hay alone... A good balanced feed is strategy by purina.. my OTTB is on 3 pounds of beet pulp twice a day, 2 lbs of strategy twice a day and 1/2 lb of amplify purina weight gain supplement twice a day to maintaine weight.
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She dose not have muscle spasm anymore, she is doing great with that. She dose not have impressive at all. She has been tested for HYPP, and alot more. We do feed her grass hay, oats, and cool calories once at night. We do have salt blocks for her as well. We have tried EVERYTHING.  What is OTTB and beet pulp and amplify? I might want to try that. Were can I get it? Thanks again!
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ottb stands for off the track thoroughbred..

beet pulp is whats left over after proccessing sugar beets.. you can buy pelleted or shredded beet pulp in 50 lb bags at just about any feed store... it needs to be soaked for about 2 hours before feeding as it expands quite a bit.. Amplify is a weight gain supplement distribued by purina, and it works quite well and putting weight on hard keepers, as does the beet pulp...
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Thanks for all your advise on this. I am going to try and give that beet pulp a try. Thanks again!
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