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Convincing Parents

Im 16 years of age a senior in high school been riding horses for about 7 years now and I would like to own a horse of my own. Ive been leasing my Barn Owners horse for while and of course I love him to death but hes older (15-17) and I
cant do too much with him without him getting tired easily. But anyways I would like to know how can I
persuade my parents to let me get a horse? The only problem is her board is 500$ and my parents are just in the average money range, and now they are going threw a divorce its a bit tough, in case anything was to happen to the horse or for the vet/farrier fees. My parents WONT let me get a job so I cant help them pay. What  do I do?

And Also About my horse being tired easily, every time I go ahead and Canter him, he drops his head
low to where the point it touches the ground and he feels as if he almost trips over his front legs and also
trys but cant buck me off. Others say they dont see anything wrong but when I ride, something feels as if its not
right. Is it just him being lazy or what? Please help.
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To answer your questions in order. As for owning your own horse. You are luckier than most because you have a horse to ride. My advice would be to save up your money for a couple of years then look into buying. Getting a good job when you leave school is essential as you will need time and money all the time. Your parents may not be able to forefill your dream but you can. Plan for the future. You have a whole lifetime for horse ownership. At 16, you may want collage or uni, you cannot just pack up a horse and move. Wait until you are settled in a career and area. It;s hard to hear but I am on your side. I owned my first at 17 but I was working full time.
Get the horse's back checked, and also it's teeth. Pain can cause the reaction that you describe. Check the horses diet for more energy. My second horse was 31 when I lost him and my third is now 17 and still going strong. Good diet and management is a must with a veteran. Good luck, your dream WILL come true, one day in the future.
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