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Nursing 4 year old

Have another question.  My daughter acquired two mini horses. Actually, they are just under the size of Ponies.  Long story short, it is a mother and daughter.  Mother us around 10+ and the daughter is 4+ years old. The woman that owned them got more involved with horse rescue and the baby was not wirjed with much.  They were well cared for and in good health.  Well, the baby still nurses!!  Daughter had them Vet checked when she got them and the Vet said it was unusual but has seen it before. She said the mother will eventually get tired of it.  It's been 4 years!!  My daughter was to,d to separate them so they could see each other but the baby could not nurse.  Tried that and the baby had a fit!!  They have been together since she was born.  My daughter isn't home 24/7 to keep an eye on her.  Any ideas?  I do dogs, not horses.  LOL!  She was told it would take the mom 2 months to dry up?  
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Yes, the 4 year old will have a fit. Sometimes the mare/mother will have a fit, too. The ideal situation is to move one of them off property, or to a location not in earshot of each other.  I assume the 4 year old is eating on her own as well.  The mare and the 4 year old will do best if they have a companion in another horse for a while, not separated to live alone.  The ideal situation would be to put the mare with other mares and the 4 year old with horses of her same age for developmental reasons.
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Sorry, just reading this.  Yes, the now orobably 5 year old eats and is also dominant over her mother! My daughter is now fostering a pony for a rescue she helps.  She now also has adopted two donkeys and has goats.  She woukd have to take one off the property as sge only has about 2 acres.  
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