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how can i convince my dad to get me a new horse!???

Alright, so, im 13 I've been riding horses since i was 8 I've taken lessons, done pony club, ect.
Horses have been my passion since before I can remember.  iv read everthing i can get my hands on about horses and i sit with my laptop on the internet reading about them until i get a headache!
horses are like my happy pill just being around them makes me happy!!
horses kept me out of trouble in my 1st year if high school ans stopped with the wrong people!

how can i convince my dad to get me a new horse?
iv have had horses so i know the cost for everything and i still have everything from my old horses so i don't need saddles, saddle pads bushes or anything else.
its $450 a month to board the horse at the stables near my house and the owner is letting me work for the board.
iv tried everything to get dad to buy me one or even get it out of my money (i have  from an accident) but he still says no! i thought it might be because i live with my mum and when i had horses last i lived with dad but when i say that he doesn't answer and when i ask WHY he doesn't answer!!

its beginning to annoy me to the piont where i sit in my bed and cry because i want a horse so much! whenever i see girls riding down my street or go past a someone on a horse i have to look away because i start crying!
it proberly sounds stupid but i really want a new horse!!
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Firstly you must approach this like an adult. Ask your father why he is saying no and discuss any solutions. Crying, tantrums, sulks only re-inforce his belief that you are still a child with flight of fancy emotions. Why did you get rid of previous horses? Could this be the reason for a no. You have to prove to your father that you are willing to commit to the big committment of horse care. It is not just about the money, it's time management as well. I don't mean to be harsh but it is your only option until you are old enough to go it alone.
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horses kept me out of trouble in my 1st year if high school and stopped me hanging with the wrong people! ^^^^ i ment to say this!!!

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