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Cancer hospice help

My mother is in the care of hospice. She has not had any food for over a week, and no drink (other than maybe 2-3 syringes of liquid) in about 3-5 days. Today she developed the "death rattle." The nurses have been telling us "2-3 days" for over a week now. She is running fever, her BP is low, (80/45). How long can she go on like this? She is young (45), and has battled cancer for 6 years. I don't want to lose my mom, but I hate watching her suffer.
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Oh Sweet Katie,

My heart breaks for you. I hear the pain in your words.

That old "death rattle" can come and go in the final days of life - but given all you have said I doubt your mom has days left on this earth. No one can predict the exact time - maybe today.

My, she is so young. Death doesn't care how old we are - or how rich we are - or even who we are. Cancer can be an ugly disease.

I lost my mom just a year ago this month. I know the pain. Your mom is blessed to have you at her side. I do believe knows you are there. Hearing is the very last sense we loss.

Hang in sweetie. I hope you have some good support. We' re here if you need us.

Gentle (((HUGS)))
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