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Hospice coverage of existing conditions

My wife has a long standing (years) and incurable neck problem with Dystonia,  She receives Botox treatments every three months to help control the problem. She also has alzteimers and has recently been joined a hospice care unit for in home care.  It is my understanding that the hospice care unit becomes the primary care organization.

My question is will joining the hospice organization because of Alzteimers affect medicare payment and ongoing treatment of the Dystonia problem?  
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Hello Jess,

Welcome! Please excuse my very tardy response. I was on vacation - and than was ill. I've been absent awhile. Are you still monitoring our site?

Hospice does become the primary care givers - and often you are limited as to outside treatments. However they should still provide support care and continue any helpful treatments.

What Hospice doesn't do is provide life prolonging treatment. However you are always free to discontinue Hospice - for a hospital stay for example - and reinstate it at a later date - even if it's several days.

When my father became very ill while on Hospice - I think he had a nasty virus or infection - he was given the choice to go to the hospital for treatment.  Not only did I offer him that choice - the Hospice Team also offered that choice. He chose not to go. He hated hospitals and chose to stay in the home he had known for seven years, my home. Hospice always gives you choices. It is not a dictatorial program as some suggest.

Please share with us what you have learned - as I'm sure your question has been answered by now. I'll look forward to hearing from you.

Please know that my heart goes out to you and your wife. You are on a difficult road - one we all face sooner or later. I believe that it is how we travel that road that shapes the end of our life.

I'm here if you need to chat - or have questions.

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