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How to reposition when having hip pain.

My grandmother has recently become bed-ridden again and whereas before we could easily roll her from side to side, now is not the case. She has hip pain. Is there any easier way to reposition her to replace soiled bed clothes and bed pads, bathe her, etc? We're debating on an elderly care facility, but for the time being it's on me and my mom. I hurt my left shoulder, so it's a bit difficult as it is. Any tips will be really helpful.

I know we can do the whole thing where we put half of the pad rolled up under her, then roll her to her other side. But currently it's practically impossible to do so without her screaming in pain. We took her to the hospital last night and they said they believe it's an arthritis flare up, but awaiting an appointment tomorrow for a follow up with her regular doctor. For the time being, our main issue is keeping her clean and dry without putting her through unnecessary pain.

Anyway, do we just have to suck it up and reposition her or what can we do in the meantime?
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