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Sure Death When Hospice Steps In

Just a statement, no question.  My sister was signed up with hospice in the middle of April 2009 and she passed away May 13, 2009 from Stage IV rectal cancer.  Hospice prescribed morphine tablets, morphine liquid and valium for her.  She was a known prescription drug addict.  It is my belief that she should never have been given these medications to administer herself.  Who is to say that she took too many at one time and this is what ultimately ended her life?  She was going to die anyway but it is my belief that this sped up the dying process by a great percentage. I am not saying that hospice shouldn't make people comfortable during the dying process but some control should have been taken in my sister's case.

I am now a volunteer for a hospice organization in Houston and in the year and few months I have been doing it, I have witnessed two (old) women that I was assigned to, perfectly fine one weekend and in bed and on morphine the next week.  One lady just passed away today at noon. She was 93.  The other passed away in January of this year.  I volunteer only in the capacity of visiting and giving companionship to patients that are terminal.  As of today, I am not sure how I feel about this whole hospice thing and am not sure that I want to continue to witness people dying by the hands of a hospice organization.  Just wanted to vent.
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Sorry for your loss but I disagree with what you are saying about Hospice. I had to get Hospice for my mother and it was only for a brief time, less than a week as she had taken as sudden turn, but when someone is dying right before your eyes I felt the support that Hospice gave me, knowing I could call them at any time day or night if necessary, that was a comfort for me and my husband.
My mother had to have liquid morphine too but these drugs are necessary when someone is in excruciating pain so I thank God for the medicine.
I don't know your situation with your sister but I find it odd that you said she administered the drugs herself. My mother was unconscious, fading away for the last several days, as what happens when someone is dying. So I don't understand how your sister was able to administer drugs herself as she was dying of cancer. How this 'sped up the process" as you say. The last days sure didn't seem to go fast for me at all. It was minute by minute watching her and that takes long or 'seems' long.

I only posted here because I really didn't like to see Hospice get knocked like this. One of my good friends has Hospice right now too and she is very pleased with them as she lives alone and only has those of us who are her friends to stop in and try to help.

"Dying by the hands of hospice organization" - I don't know how you can say that.
The patients ARE close to death when a doctor orders Hospice and Hospice is there to help the patient and to also give support to the patients loved ones. They are a wonderful Organization and I thank God for them. They are like ministering Angels as far as I am concerned.
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Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences.  Hospice is normally called in when a person is medically diagnosed with 6 or fewer months to live.  Each person goes through their final stages differently a lot depends on their medications and a variety of other circumstances.

Glad to see that you were fortune to have postive experiences with hospice organizations.
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You're very welcome.

yes it was a positive experience with Hospice.
They've even been in touch with me and my husband to make sure we are Okay. I told them we are doing quite well with the help of God and they told us IF at anytime in the future we wanted to talk, that they are there for us. I thought that was nice and though I don't think I would need to do that because I do have people around me ( Pastors and friends if I needed to talk) - but I did think that was very nice because I am sure there might be people who might be alone and that is really good that they would still have Hospice there to offer support if needed.

Take care..
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I too, disagree.  Her passing was likely due to illness not overdose. I have had LIVELY patients (walking, talking, alert,  eating & drinking) one day and two days later, after my day off...they had passed. Everyone experiences dying differently. If your family member was admitted to the program,  that means she met the qualifications...also in a residential hospice meds are doled out by nurses/drs.
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