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long dying proces

My husband has been home under hospice care for 8 days. A nurse comes every Mon, wed, Fri. Each time she doesn't think he will make it thru the night. And every night I barely sleep worrying about him. He is on a morphine pump and I give him lorazapam and tramadol by mouth often because he is restless and moans out but is basically asleep. I'm worried he is in pain? the nurse thinks he is almost gone so not. Is he really still aware and sensing things by moaning and moving his hands around or is this normal? He hasn't had any secretions build up so I've read he's not close yet.
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When I was taking care of my Mom, when I got home I had a seizure from exhaustion. I could not take care of my Mom anymore because she was bedridden and it was hard to change her because she was in so much pain. I told my brother to make the call to hospice so she could be admitted and he was a health care professional and didn't disagree. She also moaned every night and I was due to fly back home and I thought for sure she would pass away before i left but she didn't. I was pleased with the hospice facility. The room was nice and I felt a sense of peace that she was there. My brother said I did an amazing job of taking care of her but it cost me my health for a long time. Sounds like you have been doing a great job caring for your husband and I know it's has brought him comfort. I would consider if possible to get him into a facility. My brother lived in the same city as my Mom and he handled all the hospital stuff. I was never told just how bad my Mom was if my brother has sent me a picture of her foot which was dead it was black then I would have known how serious it was. My brother called me up crying asking me to come up and help because my Mon would throw things at the people he had coming in to take care of her. My Mom had a  lot of anger about dying but I was happy to take care of her and she said some nice things to me so I know I did everything I could just like you are doing everything you can for your husband.

I always tell people if you have to ask the question you already know the answer.  

Take care,Mia in Miami
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