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should a Hospice RN be allowed to go with there gut feeling?

My mom stopped eating and drinking. Slept a lot and complained about pain in her back. She has had frequent UTI's but the tests were coming up high white blood cell count and the culture coming up negative. We hired Hospice in hope of making her more comfortable with things like coushions and a hospital bed. We were told she was dying. Then we found a pill on the floor, found out the doctor prescribed it to give her an appetite. Problem was it was given at 8am and it is used to make people sleep. We asked hospice to notify us if they gave her anything. They reassured us that they would, and if there was a UTI they would treat it. Mom was put on hospice for her heart, she's had AFib for 30 years and a pacemaker. . 2 days later when mom was hallucinating we found out she was given moraphine with out our consent. We were told she was in pain and had bed sores. Then mom had a lot of blood in her urine. Again we were told her body is shutting down that her kidneys and liver were failing, no swelling in her legs or arms. Every time she had a pain moraphine was first to be given. I asked for 5 days for a blood test for septis. I was told by her Hospice RN they would do it, never did. Told me she's going with her gut and my mom is dying her body is shutting down. Then my mom started vomiting blood. Again told part of the dying process. Mom started coughing, I questioned the flu. Told no that's vomit stuck in her throat. They sent over a machine expecting us to use it to clear her mouth. We decided to take her off hospice and get her to the hospital. My mom had septis, pneumonia and a fracture in her Lower back. Her liver, kidneys and heart were fine. She spent 72 hours awake and halusinating at the hospital from the moraphine. Now we are faced with the damage hospice allowed to happen because the nurce she had was going with her gut. Shouldn't a doctor always be called in to make these kind of calls? The hospice nurse was working under one. Which we were told when we asked, we will never see him that she makes the call herself. Anyone ever have this happen? Is this even legal or ethical for that matter?
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Talk to a malpractice lawyer. It sounds like you have a good case against the hospice nurse, the hospice service, and the doctor.
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