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How long was your recovery from a dislocated shoulder?

Immobilization of the dislocated shoulder usually lasts about three weeks. If surgery is performed, this period of immobilization may last four to six weeks. This is followed by some range-of-motion exercises and isometric strengthening. After about 12 weeks, most people can return to participating in some sports on a limited basis. In most cases, the full recovery time for a shoulder dislocation is about 16 weeks, at which point a return to sports and other pre-injury activities should be possible.
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First let me tell you I am not the average 80 year old. I semi-retired when I was 78 and have almost completely retired now. I just tripped and fell and boy, did it hurt! It still does. It happened on 9/18/17, I was in Tennessee for a wedding, so called ambulance. Response was almost immediate and everyone involved in this was more that wonderful. It's now that I cannot sleep in the sling but what I have been doing to help the pain is to use Biofreeze. It has helped but then I got a little scared thinking what if it's not good for this type of injury. I can't see my orthopedic doctor here in Florida until Thursday unless someone cancels their appointment.
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