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What treatment did you receive for a shoulder separation?

Ice is an important treatment for most acute soft-tissue injuries.Frequently, a sling is needed and helpful for the first few days after an injury. This helps to support the weight of the arm and to restrict motion. A doctor may advise some motion exercises such as stretching and light weight-bearing within a few days once the immediate pain has stopped.Pain relievers and anti-inflammatory medications may be advised, either over the counter or by prescription.Physical therapy may be required, particularly once the immediate pain has stopped within a few days. The decision to prescribe rehabilitation therapy often is made during a follow-up visit.Complete ligament rupture at the AC joint may require surgical repair. The surgery can be done with an open incision or arthroscopically (with a small camera and small incisions).The Weaver Dunn procedure is a surgical intervention used to repair a severely damaged AC joint separation.A doctor may recommend follow-up care. Possibly, no follow-up care may be needed. From that visit, determinations regarding referrals for physical therapy or further orthopedic consultation may be made.
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I was jumping with my mountain bike through ramps, on the last of them my back wheel couldn't get grip and launched me sideways instead of in a straight line. I noticed the wrong launch angle just as I was landing with no time to react, falling sideways directly into the ground shoulder and head first. Emergency personnel after an x-ray said that no bone was broken, but that there was a shoulder separation so ligaments may be torn. I am on ice for 4 days. After that we'll see.
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