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well i have been using aldara for about 2 weeks or so and my anal warts have dramatically decreased in size :) i did have bad side effects such as feeling tired and some body aches and really bad itching in the area causing me not to sleep at night but i stuck with it and its actually working somewhat. I did drastically change my diet though eating more vegetables and fruits and taking a daily vitamin and reducing alcohol intake and not smoking at all. I will continue using aldara and hopefully *fingers crossed* all the warts will go away :) im very thankful and hope i dont need surgery which the date was already set for. so for all of you that are in the same boat as i am in I would strongly recommend taking aldara its worth a try!
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That is great that it is working. Was the doc unable to freeze them? Why surgery?
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yea  im very glad its working i just hope the warts totally clear within another 2 weeks or so. no the doc sent me to a general surgeon because he said i had 2 large clusters of warts and at first told me aldara or any other cream would probably not do anything for me as i had a large area of warts. the general surgeon looked at it about 3-4 weeks ago and said i will need surgery so he set the date and everything but i hope i wont need it if aldara continues to work. the doc was going to remove them by cauterization. but i was prescribed aldara in the mean time since by surgery date was set a month and a half later so my doc said you can try aldara and he said it may reduce the size and clear but its doubtful and so far its been working well :)
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WOW, good for you. I hope it continues to work for you. I goto the dermatologist today. I am hoping I do not need surgery. Did he say you had no chance of the warts leaving on their own?
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well my doc at first said i need surgery when he first looked at my anal area so he sent me a general surgeon. i saw the surgeon and he said ye cauterization will be done on the area and a surgery date was set. in the meantime i went to my doctor and he gave me aldara so i used it for 2 weeks now, i also changed my diet like i said and im athletic so i played sports. when my doctor prescribed aldara he said it may reduce the size or even clear the warts entirely and i may not need surgery but he said it was unlikely since i had a large cluster of warts. and after 2 weeks use i have had good results so far so if i were you i would go see your dermatologist if he recomends surgery set the date for about 1 1/2 months away and get them to prescribe you aldara in the meantime. use aldara and within 4 weeks if the warts have not reduced in size or started to clear then just go in for surgery.

and a heads up at first when i used aldara i had bad side effects such as feeling sick tired, some body aches and severe itching to the point where i said in my mind i  have to quit because i got absolutley no sleep on the nights i used aldara. people have said to discontinue aldara but i stayed with it. so try that and i hope all the best for you let me know how it all went :)
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