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Abnormal pap, then 2 normal, now another abnormal. What could this be?

So I've only been with one partner for the past 3+ years, and we have been monogamous the entire time (yes, I am positive he has been too, so let's say for the sake of argument, we are - none of that "well, you never really know..." stuff, please and thank you). Two years ago I had a pap that came back abnormal. I think they said ASCUS. I went back for a follow up with a coloscopy, and they said it was normal. So, I guess a false positive the first time? Last year my pap was completely normal. And this year, my pap came back abnormal again. The gal from the doctor's office just said "squamous cell" and to come back in 3 months. I have never been told I have HPV and just assumed that the first abnormal result might've been caused by having intercourse the night before my exam. I'm wondering if anyone has any insight into what is going on? Could I have just have had two false positives, or do I likely have HPV? If so, could it be coming and going and thereby causing the sometimes-abnormal results?
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Two false positives would be very rare and against the odds.  Probably it is a coming and going situation. No one can definitely tell you that it is or isn't the same strain and not a second false positive. Do you smoke cigs?  Drink often? Lead an unhealthy life? Not exercise or eat healthy?  If so, some of us thinkt one's immune system strength has something to do with this coming and going situation. At least you can be tested!  Men are clueless.....
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