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Aldara, rash and possible side effects.

Four days ago I went in for a routine pap-smear and my OB/GYN noticed an extremely tiny but noticeably raised bump just above my clitoris.  I thought it was an ingrown hair so I never inquired about it myself.  She said it looked like a genital wart and said I had HPV.  I don't know how she knew that without a test result but she seemed pretty sure.  I have been with my boyfriend almost a year now and as far I know he is STD clean.  I've been sexually active for six years and have never once had an STD of any type, not even a yeast infection.  She prescribed me Aldara cream to be applied to the site 3x/weekly.  She told me to wash with mild soap and water first, dry off then apply the cream.  Well, I applied the cream 3 days in a row before reading in the pamphlet that it should be done on a M-W-F or T-TH-Sa type schedule.  I have not used it today since last night I noticed on both of my outer labias there appears to be a red rash, bumpy and sore to the touch, a little swollen and VERY MILDLY itchy.  I am concerned that it is either more genital warts appearing or a bad reaction to the cream.  I didn't even feel the small one that I have grow or appear so I'm thinking (and hoping) it's just a reaction.  Have you heard of this before?  I've read other posts on this but have no read that people have had this same exact reaction.  some of the bumps even look as though they're raw.  I have not itched or physically irritated the area.  Please help, I'm very concerned.
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