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Aldara? Bad experciance with TCA treatment

Trichloracetic acid was really painful and I had long recovery to even feel comfortable after treatment. Not wanting to experience this again i would like to try another option because i still have a few tiny warts left and noticed a couple new ones. Is aldara the best way to go? or maybe even cryo? I read aldara is very effective and even builds an immunity?
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I used aldara with great success.  However, I have read it has a higher success rate in females than males.  Still, I do not know how credible this information exactly is.  I found using Aldara to clear up the majority of warts, and then using a different treatment (such as cryo) to clear any remaining warts seemed to be effective.  I used a combination of TCA and Aldara, and have been wart free for a month now (took 3 months to entirely clear).  Aldara has some discomfort associated with it, but I found it less painful than TCA (though much more itchy!).  Any treatment for genital warts is uncomfortable though.  The treatment has to be irritating to the skin to destroy the warts, nothing less gentle would be effective.
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i have been using aldara for 1 week now and haven't noticed anything, there is absolutely no discomfort at all, have i been doing something wrong?

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