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Aldara Effectiveness -

I have been treating anal warts for 8 weeks with aldara and after about 6 weeks i noticed they were slowly shrinking. While the visible warts are indeed shrinking (almost gone entirely), i know that there are internal ones in my anus that are still there, whether or not the aldara is helping them is undetermined.

I visited my dermatologist today and she just asked if it helped and when i told her yes, slowly but surely she gave me 3 repeats of aldara and said just keep going until they're gone. If the exterior warts are gone, how do I know if the internal ones arent still there? I am a gay male and my partner and I have been patiently waiting to have sex, this being the main reason behind this question.

Also i've been using this site for a few weeks and had great help from everyone, but my dermatologist told me today that I would always have HPV and the warts would probably come back, from reading on here i did not think that was the case. Can anyone elaborate on the likelihood of reoccurrence? My derm is pretty old so I like to do my own research before I take anything she says to heart too much.
Thanks a lot for all of your help!
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aldara isn't going to really help with warts inside the anal area. they typically need to be removed.

also if aldara doesn't completely remove warts by 3 months, it isn't going to. we don't recommend using it past the 3 month mark.

I'd get a 2nd opinion elsewhere after the 3 month mark if warts are still there.

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I used 8 weeks of Aldabra then ran out so I stopped for a few weeks while I waited to go back and see my dermatologist. Should I only use another 4 weeks or the full 8 weeks I was given again? The exterior warts are almost gone and so are the interior ones from what I can feel
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I'd just do a month and if they aren't almost all gone, see the dermatologist to have them removed.  
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