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Aldara cream

I used the cream on my warts and had a bad reaction, I got most of the side effects but continued to use the cream. Within 2 weeks of using the cream the warts had gone and a week later the side effects disapeared. Recently though I noticed a large lump (baring in mind I don't have the strain of HPV that causes cancer). It wasn't on my vagina or anal area but in the middle. It was very painful and nothing like a wart. The next morning it got significantly smaller but it is still there and is tender when I touch it.

On the aldara cream it states a very unlikely side effect is hard bumps under the skin. Is this simply a side effect or something else?
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Sounds to me like it could be an ingrown hair.  I've had them, when they are red, they are normally red to the touch.  Try some tea tree oil (you can get it at Walmart where all the Vitamins are) dabbed on it 3 x's a day.  In the morning, afternoon, and before bed.  Do this for about 6 days if it's still there I'd call the doc.
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