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I had discoloration on my penis when I applied Aldara to an area that was irritated from treatment with vinegar.  This left it with a lighter pigment than the rest of the penis.  Will this go away on its own, and if not, is there anything I can do about it?

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It might go away or it may not. It will either fade over time to the same color it was before or at least fade a little bit. I don't think there is anything you can do about it, maybe you could ask a dermatologist, there is a forum for that on medhelp in which you could post
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For what it's worth I contracted molluscum thru my partner. He had it on his forearm and legs. Somehow it ended up on my lady parts. He denied ever having it on his man parts. At first I truly thought is was razor burn. In all actuality me shaving led to multiple bumps. They never itched,hurt, or bothered me. I realized they were getting worse than better. I got scared and made an appt right away and right away the dr knew what I had. She made it seem like I should just deal with it and it'll be fine. Ummm no! I have all these bumps and ur gonna tell me to just deal!?! Oh it's common and it'll figure itself out. After that she decided to put acid on them which was so painful. I cried. Still confused I went back 2 weeks later to see a different dr. She said she didn't believe in the previous treatment. Me being scared I agreed on her opinion. She prescribed me Aldara. At first I was determined to make it work but honestly it was a nightmare! I used it for over a month and it never got better but worse! Between the muscle aches and always being tired I didn't feel myself. Always sad and disconnected. That was just the tip. This medication leaves you with open wounds and blisters. I just couldn't understand how something that's supposed to help causes so much hurt. I felt so dirty. I stopped taking it a week ago and honestly my condition has gotten so much better. I'm still dealing with it but I feel so much better not committing to that ********! To each their own I guess.
See this guy for a treatment: https://youtu.be/yl1KoShLHw8
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