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Hi I've been using Aldara for 3 applications now for what I believe are genital warts under my foreskin just below the ridge, they are only small. Up to now nothing has happened, no reaction, no itching no reddening of area nothing at all.  I was expecting some sort of reaction or change with it being such a strong medicine.  Is this normal?  Not even where it has been on normal skin has anything changed

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This is part of the problem.  I've had some doctors say it is a wart some say it isn't.  It is a very smooth small lump that doesn't seem to break the skin surface and is is more just under it causing a slight lump or have a cauliflower or rough texture and is certainly not keratinised.  But when it is frozen it disappears for a while and then eventually returns a while later.  There is also another area that does exactly the same and also an area that i believe is HPV infected skin that looks almost perfectly normal skin and certainly not warty but always turns white with vinegar.

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Have you confirmed its really a wart with a dermatologist?. Its a good idea to do so, although some warts are very obvious.

Aldara is one of the options for GW. However, some articles stated that it is more effective for minimally keratinized warts (ie may not be effective for warts with harded skin)

Try and finish your course (I thought it has 12 sachets per box). If you think it is not working and dont want to finish it, you  might want to consider Podophyllotoxin? Although Podophyllotoxin is also said to be ineffective for
highly keratinised warts

It is said that ppl with warts usually will have lesser outbreaks as they age
So, I am not sure of such truth.

You may want to read my reply about Gardasil vaccination :

Would be interesting if Gardasil reduces outbreaks in later years
Although it is not meant for treating warts, but preventing infection


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