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Hey! I have always had sensitive skin and been prone to ingrown hairs and cysts. This year, after returning to the US after a year in Europe, I have had so many skin issues that I feel I've reached my wit's end and need some answers. It started out with what I thought were ingrown hairs appearing around my anus and bum. Two of these (I had four total over a period of two months) turned into two inch in diameter boils. I treated them from home as best I could and, though they left scars, it's now been over eight months since I've had one. In June of last year, I developed cystic acne (I have never had more than the occasional pimple) on my chin and occasionally on my cheeks. I've gotten that mostly under control now. As of July, weird bumps started appearing around my vulva. Not on it anywhere, but around, near panty lines and on my inner thighs. They are flat and pink and sometimes come to heads that, once popped, bleed. These are becoming more plentiful and today I have four pink bumps on my bum as well. I need help! What is wrong with me? I haven't had unprotected sex for two years, and the man that I did that with was my steady (and current) boyfriend who has been tested for STDs and STIs.
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Condoms provide maybe 70% protection against HPV. Your unsafe sex two years ago could have infected you. Men cannot be tested for HPV so he has no clue if his HPV health. Go see a dermatologist or GYN doctor. It does not sound like genital warts to me.  
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Are there other symptoms of HPV?
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