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Anal Warts and Aldara- Appropriate Prescription?

I had previously posted on here asking about other STDs in the anal region. I subsequently saw a doctor, and was diagnosed with HPV, which became obvious once the bump I first noticed starting getting the characteristic cauliflower shape and some more, smaller bumps appeared.

My question is this, the original bump I had was not on the surface of my anus, but I guess technically in my rectum, as you have to sort of pull at my skin to see it all (it does poke out a bit from my anus on its own). I was referred to a dermatologist and he gave me an 8-week supply of Aldara, which I have already gone through and am waiting to see him again next week to see if he will re-prescribe it. While the Aldara worked wonderfully on the small warts that later appeared on the actual anal area (in spite of creating a big ring of red, irritated skin), it hasn't really done much for the large, more internal wart that started this all. It hasn't changed size, but it has lost its cauliflower look; it just looks like a smooth lump of skin hanging off my rectum now.

I have read on here and other sources that Aldara is good for the more external anal warts, but not really for internal ones. When I see the dermatologist again next week, should I try to get him to pursue a different course of treatment as opposed to just extending the Aldara prescription? Also, should I be worried right now that without Aldara in the meantime, I might get new warts popping up?
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I am assuming that the dermatologist knows better than me, but I would mention the fact that Aldera doesn't seem to be working for your larger warts and discuss different treatment options. Warts can be treated a variety of ways, and hopefully you and your dermatoligist can agree on a method that will be effective.
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