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Appearance of warts when on the penis head?


I have what I consider a problem. I was exposed to low risk HPV and then coincidentally had bumps pop up on the head of my penis.

Just to add background, the girl had been clear- never any symptoms, was told by her doctor not to worry about it at all - and then told me about it and then told me she was pregnant from her ex for about a month when I was exposed... which I then read that pregnancy stresses the immune system and cause flare up of GW which can't be seen inside without a coloscopy. She said at first that she had an abnormal pap five years back and caught it early that I could only be a carrier at worst, but then told me she had low risk - docs lost her records. Sorry for the rambling background.

They are super small, and only one looks like a mini skin tag, a couple super mini skin tags. There are a bunch of smaller bumps around them. You can only see them when you look close and they could be mistaken for irritation.

The reason I am worried is because they are not going away, I even tried to buy a small tube of expensive all in one lotion with an ingredient used on burn victims (only $10 and a good brand) but the bumps are still there for almost a couple of months now.

I have even been worried to the point to take pictures and post them, and also plan on using the ask a doctor also. For now I would like any opinion, even if it's "no dude it's not" "maybe" "I have no idea, mine are on the shaft" ...anything. I posted on the general men's health by mistake asking for any experience on how warts act. Like how my bumps have not grown much at all, just multiplied... the super small skin tags grew at first to become super small skin tags. Any info on what they act like. I even tried the vinegar test, but they barely became white, and it screwed up the skin making it super pruny. (haha too much detail?)

Here is a link, if it is inappropriate and taken down, please message me. These pics are over a week old, some a couple weeks. I posted a couple that show how hard they are to see if not looked for, I noticed them because one became irritated and surrounded by red one night... then looking closer I saw a couple more... then they popped up on the other side. Any suggestions are welcome and thank you.

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link to pics already taken down, feel free to message me. Makes me wonder if the ask a doc post will let me link to the pics?
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hey dude
I am curious about the appearance of warts on the head of the penis too.  I have had the low risk on my shaft but it has been gone for a long while but i am looking at this small whitish colored bump right smack dab in the middle of my head.  I would love to look at your pics and see if it resembles the problem i am having.  I am just not sure if what i have is a wart or not cuz it resembles nothing like the wart that i had on my shaft over a year ago but they say they can take many different appearances.  I really do not want to go back to the doctor because HPV is so complex it seems like non of them really know anything about it.  I have gotten so much false info from them its ridiculous.  I am done rambling now.  
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I know what you mean. I could ramble for quite a while about how all I want is to be sure of what I have and what strain if I do but I can't find a doc anywhere so far. I see why it is pointless to do routine testing that is not %100 and will be cleared up by most immune systems, but what about spreading it? Don't worry about it? How in the world do doctors get away with thinking like that? I can't even be mad at the girl for lying since I can get how her doc told her to...

No offense to the docs on this forum, but the last thing I want someone treating me like an idiot when I am concerned about my health and risking giving it to someone else. Especially when the doctor is looking for something that looks like herpes even though (admittedly from what I've read) not all warts grow huge or quickly, it depends on the type of skin and environmental conditions such as moisture and immune response.

Hopefully it is just persistent irritation or an allergic reaction (I have none that I know of) that I have not experienced in the last ten years...
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hey dude
sorry it took so long to get back on here been busy working......  That is pretty close to what mine resembles actually which is crazy cuz i cant find a single pic on the internet that resembles what me and you have going on.  Cant tell you weather it is hpv or not cuz i havn't got mine looked at but its defiantly the same thing i have going. Small whit pigmented bump.  But i just have one.  But it defiantly resembles yours.  If you get yours looked at before i do let me know what they say and i will do the same.  I am on here looking at post like once a week so it might take a while to get a response out of me.  And your questions about weather to say or not.  I am in the same boat with you its a very hard decision.  Its such a common thing but not everyone has to deal with it cuz not everyone shows signs of it (like we did), so they get to go on enjoying life haha while we are stuck with this decision.  
But let me know if you find anything out and i will do the same.
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Oh and i forgot the dermatology forum on here.  That doctor will look at pictures and tell you what he thinks.  I am to poor to pay for it but thought i would let you know in case you have the courage.  Thanks for your responding to my post though its nice that i have finally found somebody who has a similar problem.
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