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Are these warts

I didn't really notice these small white spots on my penis until one got a little bigger, but then went back down.  They are whitish to pinkish color, on the right side of my penis and one that kind of goes up on the dorsal part of my penis.  they are closer to the end of my shaft.  When I look very very close, I can see tiny hairs sticking out of most of them.  Also, the bumps are a little more noticeable when I get out of the warm shower.  Oddly, however, I can't really see them when I get out of a pool.  I just find it kind of odd that they go from the underside to the right side of my penis, and not on the left side.

I asked my doctor about them, but he didn't think it was anything wart-like.  However, he barely looked and acted like he wasn't concerned.  

What do you think?  Should I get another opinion, or what do you think about the bumps?  

Thanks in advance.
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Well, my suggestion to you is put some.. I mean saturate them with white viniger all over your penis and if the spots turn white .. YEP they are warts!!!..
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Do warts usually have hair growing out of them?  I mean, I guess I could see one having a hair, but most/all of them having hair?  
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I guess they could.. they pop up anywhere on the genital area!!!...but to ease your mind.. get the viniger!!.. I know it's scary.. cos I KNOW I didn't want to know!!.. but this will ease your mind..from all the what if's.. and you can deal with the situation at hand.. getting rid of them..there is this great site.. called earthclinic.com.. when you go there go under alimients.. look up genital warts.. and start reading away.. there is so much information there and how to treat them natural .. and the forum is great.. what have you got to  loose.. that is after you put the viniger on  your spots and they turn white!!..lets hope they don't put if they do.. it is no big deal.. it goes away..everyone will have it at some point in there life .. HPV..the gift that keeps on giving to EVERYONE!!..
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See, the only way I could have gotten them is if I had sex, and I don't even remember if I had sex this one night....I went to a few bars with some friends and got a little too drunk.  The next morning, I woke up and couldn't remember much, but for some reason, I got it stuck in my head that I had sex with someone while I was at one of the bars.  I don't know why I thought that because I don't even think it was really that possible, because I didn't even talk to anyone that I remember.  I just pretty much danced around by myself, and none of my friends saw anything.  Anyhow, I have become somewhat paranoid with checking my genitals all the time, but I guess I can do the vinegar test... I'll do it tonight.
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I would trust your doctor. This sounds a bit like sebaceous prominence to me, but of course an internet diagnosis is useless. If you had warts, the chances are great that your doctor would have identified them. There are many natural caused of bumps that you shouldn't worry about.

The vinegar test isn't all that useful. Most doctors won't rely on it becuase it will often turn non-infected skin white, and have not effect on warts. Sometimes it helps provide contrast, but it isn't good for a diagnosis.
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Yeah, I tried the vinegar test, but I can't really tell what the results were, as they just looked about the same as when they are wet.  When they are wet, they have slightly lighter color than my skin anyhow, but they didn't turn bright white like I guess you'd expect a wart to...

I don't know what the deal is, but I guess I can always get a second opinion from another doctor...
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