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Are this supplements ok?

I was diagnosed with High a risk HPV 8 months ago.  The doctor said I didn't need to do nothing because it usually clears up on its own.  Oooh too bad I listen and didn't started doing something on time. I'm a 28 yr old female. Based on other testimonies I just started my own regimen.  So I was wondering if this supplements will help:  
Methyl Folate, DIM- Plus, Curcumin, Monolaurin, Food Carotene  (vit A), 3000mg vitamin C, Host Defense My community (comprehensive immune support) and I will start a mostly vegetarian diet, no alcohol or sugars (just stevia)...adding also fish oil, vitamin E, B-complex- probiotics and D3... any suggestions? Please help me, I seriously need some help here.  Thanks.
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I'm also using wise women herbals calendula suppositories  and drinking green tea.
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You are definitely on the right path. 3000MG of C is a lot and may be harmful if taken for a long time. Do realize that the body can only absorb 500MG at a time. If you exceed that, you will pee out the rest and have very expensive urine. I take folic acid, C with Bioflavonoids, A, E, B, Zinc and some agraricus-blazei mushroom pills I get from Swanson. I also take fish oil. Staying away from alcohol and cigs are good ideas. As is exercise, meditation, more sleep, etc.

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