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Attention all Aldara users....

If I have your attention I'm assuming you have used Aldara or are planning on using it.  I was finally prescribed Aldara after a few nitro treatments (some say it doesnt hurt, but I say it hurts horriblely).

I have only used it for three applications and I have seen zero effects - as if I had never started using it.  I have read that Aldara doesn't work for everyone, especially males... but I would like to know if anybody has had any success stories without unpleasent side effects?

I'm sure I could just apply it for the next 3 months, but I'd like to have a little bit of hope because right now I'd be happy with pain, redness, and itchiness, so long as the warts were being destroyed.

So does anybody know if the side effects and the drugs effectiveness are not correlated?

I can't get an answer to this anywhere.. please help with any info.
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It is uncomfortable, and sometimes painful.  Use Vaseline to cover normal skin and a q-tip to only apply it to warts.  It won't work just after three applications, you have to give it more time.  But if the pain is just that awful, then tell your doctor.  It cleared a great deal on me, but took a little time.  But yes, it is known for working better in women than in men.  I'd give it a couple more weeks and make my decision if you can tough it out.
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Thanks for the reply empathy.. though I think you misread my question.  My issue is that I'm NOT getting any redness, itchiness, etc.  I am not expecting that the Aldara will work after three applications on the warts; I am concerned however that my complete lack of other symptoms i.e. redness, itchiness, blisters, etc.  means that the drug is not working.

I would like to see if anybody has used Aldara, not had any noticable negative side effects, and had it still be effective.

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Ohhh.  Well, I didn't have any redness the first week.  Or even the second really.  But by week three, I was all red and a lot more tender- which indicates typically that it's working.  It took time.  Aldara is just one of those things that takes lots of time.
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I used Aldara successfully and never got any redness, pain ,etc.  
I had a wart under a fingernail once and the Dr prescribed Aldara with a bandage over the finger to keep the medicine on and in two weeks it was gone.
Some HPV (genital warts do not respond to Aldara or freezing and must be zapped with a CO2 laser or cut out or burned out with the Hyfrecator (sp?)
All people with visible genital  warts should have them removed ASAP as they can cause cancer in females AND males.  Males  can get Anal Cancer and females too - Farrah Fawcett has it and it is usually only caused by HPV and unprotected anal sex.
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Genital warts usually do not cause any form of cancer.  Over 90% of genital wart cases are caused by strains 6 &11 which are not cancerous.  There are certain strains of genital warts that can increase cancer risk, but the vast majority of warts do not.  Hence, why genital warts are referred to as "low risk HPV" and those that cause abnormal cervical cell changes that can lead to cancer (and less often penile/anal cancer in men) as "high risk HPV"
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Thank you for the more specific responses.  My fingers are crossed.
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