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Awful itching after cryotherapy

Hi all. I was diagnosed with HPV after going to the obgyn for what I thought was a yeast infection. I've been told by many medical experts that itching in and around the vagina isn't a symptom of HPV, but I see many message boards here with testimonies that claim otherwise, and I think it may have been the cause for me. I'm told I didn't have a yeast infection, and never found an alternate source of the discomfort. After a colposcopy, I went in to my obgyn and had cryotherapy on my cervix. The Dr said that there was a 97% chance of it getting rid of my HPV. So about a month and a half later, I have the intense itching again. It's heartbreaking. I thought this was over. I'm wondering if this is a result of HPV, meaning my cryo didn't work, or maybe something else? I've never had a for-sure yeast infection so I don't know. I have intense (it's woken me up before) itching and burning around the opening of my vagina and sometimes rectum, thick white vaginal discharge that is slightly textured sometimes but not like what I hear a yeast infection looks like, and there's a smell but I can't really explain it. Kind of salty metallic. Has anyone been through this who might know what's going on? It's so expensive to keep going to the obgyn to get different results, I just want to know what this is. I've been itchy for a year now :(

I also have an IUD and I'm wondering if that might have something to do with it? Also the itching this time came shortly after becoming sexually active with my partner again (the same partner I've had for a year) so I don't know if that agitated something. Help!
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