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Black discoloration of the penis glans

I am 33 yrl. old male . Recently diagnosed with genital warts. There were some growth inside the urethra which caused me a lot of discomfort which the doctor used electrocautery to treat. I feel fine in that area now.

On the shaft of the penis, there are 3 small warts which one was removed for correct diagnosis which came as condyloma accuminata. The doctor did not do any type testing so I dont know if it is the cancerous type. I will remove the remaining ones if they do not go away soon.

Anyhow, my question is about the top of my penis. There is a black discoloration on the glans. There is no raised growth, rather looks flat. There are some smaller dots around the glans as well. And i think a new one is also forming.

I am scared it could be cancer or turn into cancer. If they are just warts and were raised, i would get them treated but they look like they are in the skin, rather on the skin or under the skin.

I am doing ozone treatments to boost my immune system so I can get rid of this virus but wondering if these black spots on the glans will go away, or grow bigger. It has caused me great deal of stress.

Since I am HPV positive, it is logical that this due to HPV . But could be something else ? Something more serious ?

If they are flat warts on the glans, what would be the best treatment option ?

Thank you .
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The type of HPV that causes warts does not usually cause any type of cancers, so if these black spots are due to HPV, it's very unlikely to turn into anything more serious like cancer.

It could be HPV related, because some warts are flat with a brownish/dark colour however it could be something else like an infection, its difficult to tell. So the best bet would be seeing a specialized doctor

Warts on the outside of the penis can be treated by all the types that treat HPV - cryosurgery, creams, lazer etc. It is up to you and the doctor to decide the best form of treatment. It sounds to me that if they are warts, a cream like aldara would be effective as they are flat, but of course you would have to discuss with the doctor.
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Like Amie said, wart causing HPV is almost always low-risk non-cancerous types.

As for darker discoloration of the glans, is this recent? I have a few mole/darker pigmented spots on my glans, that have been there my whole life, but I didn't really notice until I did a full examination of my glans. When I first saw them, I thought they were flat warts, but I remembered that they have always been there, so sometimes panic will make you notice things that have always been there.

But prll, I have a question for you. Did you go to a urologist for treatment of the urethral warts? I recently found out there are smaller growths in my urethra as well, and I'm not sure   if i should try to ask my main doctor, or go to my urologist for treatment. Also, how was the process of electrocautry?
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Thank you for your answers Amie and Monstermistake. These black spots are recent consistent with the HPV infection. They are freaking me out and I will see my doctor again.

Monstermistake, yes I went to a urologist for the urethral warts because i was in pain and it was always watery down there. When I was passing urine, it would go sideways because of the warts. My dermatologist said that is urologists area so I went to one.

I have read that local anastesia is done for electrocautery of the urethral warts, my urologist used mild total anestesia which was a breeze. Slept for 10 minutes and when i woke up it was already wrapped up.  It only burned the first day when passing urine and since then it has been very good. God forbid if I get reoccurance down there, I would like to do it with total anastesia as well.

Hope my answer was satisfactory. wish you all  healthy days !
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