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I posted a question yesterday asking if the small, white bumps inside my anal area were genital warts or not. My questions today are, assuming they are genital warts: how can I get rid of them? . . .is it something I should be extremely worried about? . . .will they grow in size? . . . .are they contagious? . . .are they cancerous? . . .and if/ when I do get rid of them, is it a possibility they'll come again?

I hope someone can answer my questions,

Thanks in advance!
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how can I get rid of them?
Your doctor will either recommend treatment or suggest that you wait to see if your immune system will take care of the infection. Treatment options include, liquid nitrogen, surgery, or different medications that can be applied at home or at the office.

. . .is it something I should be extremely worried about?
No, they are common and don't pose any real health risk

. . .will they grow in size?
Possibly. They may increase in size or number or might dissapear. It depends on your immune system's response.

. . . .are they contagious?
very. especially when warts are present.

. . .are they cancerous?
HPV strains that cause genital warts are not the same as the ones that are associated with cancer.

. . .and if/ when I do get rid of them, is it a possibility they'll come again?
They will often come back after treatment, but in time, your immune system will clear the virus. Most people clear the virus within a year and over 90% clear it within 2 years.
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