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Can HPV make cancer recoccur in a Hodgkins survivor?

Hi All

I am seeing a guy who has recovered from Cancer.  I contracted HPV 5 years ago and have had 2 outbreaks, once 5 years ago which I treated and it disappeared within months; and once 18 months ago where I had 3 lesions which were frozen off.

None of my sexual partners to date have contracted it off me, that we know off, and I have never had sex whilst the lesions were present.

However, I'm concerned now as the guy I am seeing has a low immune system due to all the cancer treatment and he says really cannot contract any STDs or it could be fatal.  Does HPV factor into this?  With the link between it and cancer I'm really worried but on the other side of things I have always been told it's not a big deal and that many people contract HPV; a doctor also advised me that after the 12 month period there was no need to tell future partners.

I'd rather not bring it up with the new guy, but I don't want to be responsible for his cancer coming back either!!!!  

Could someone please tell me if there is any link at all or if my fears are unfounded?

I'm really worried as I don't want to lose him over this.

Thank you
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