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Can my baby catch HPV if I have had her dummy in my mouth?

I have been told I’m HPV positive last week I spent a few days being extremely anxious after speaking to my doctor who told me it’s not as bad as I think I have put it to the back of my head and today without thinking I put my daughters dummy in my mouth then she took it off me and put it back in her mouth can she catch HPV now? I’m freaking out
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No chance of passing it like that.
So she won’t catch it? I have shared drinks with both my children too before I knew I had it
Firstly, we're you diagnosed with high or low risk hpv? Not that it really matters, because what you are afraid of can't happen. HPV isn't spread that way. Additionally, oral hpv is quite rare, and your hpv is genital I'm assuming so there's that.

I've said it many times, hpv is tough on the mind with the anxiety it induces. Read through this forum and you'll find lots of people having emotional breakdowns and worrying about bizarre what-ifs. The best thing you can do is let that thought go and forget about it. You're fine!
Thank you so much for the reassurance and I’m not sure what form I have my doctor never told me I just have to go for another smear in a year but I have no abnormal cells so that’s a good thing
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Urm I believe it can be passed from bodily fluids.  Not what you want to hear

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