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Can u transfer hpv too ur hand

I have a weird question can u transfer gential warts from ur penis too ur hand?I have white bumbs on both my hands and my penis and they have been there for over a year.
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genital warts r not hard white bumps...and NO to ur question.u need to look at other posts her...this one has been answered a zillion times!why have u not had these xamined?
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i have been xamined and i told the ones on my penis were hair folcoles but what does not make any sense is i have them on the palm of my hand too
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they could be warts on ur hands...what did doctor say they were?100 diff strains of papilloma virus....causes warts on hands and feet...but different strain unrelated to hands/feet cause the genital ones!
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well the doctor said that could be warts they gave me aldara but they did not go way i have 3 on the palm of my hands one on my lower pinky finger and 2 on my finger tip i know it is not herpes cus they have been there for over a year what do u think i should do?
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herpes does not locate self on hands...u may have to have these frozen off-cryosurgery by doc...some warts won't budge with creams!
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they have have tried too freeze them off and that did not work ether may i ask do they do surgey too remove them?
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