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Can warts in the anus spread to someone else through toilet seats?

Hi, if someone has anal warts or warts in the anus, can it spread to family members if everyone is using the same toilet seat? If it can, what measures should be taken to stop the spread of the virus? Also, can it be spread to the hands through used clothing like underwear? Thank you in advance
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There is no chance of transmission through either of these methods. You need not worry.
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how about mixing laundry clothes with family members? Because my washing machine has no hot function, it just uses cold water to wash clothes, can hpv transmit to other family members clothes? because I've read online that the hpv virus is hard to kill and can spread through fomites. This is so worrying
Again, o would say no. I do understand the worry surrounding hpv, believe me. It comes with the territory, but your worry is way out there so take comfort in that as you try to let this fear go. I believe you're at no risk with these scenarios.

Can you get out have you gotten these hpv removed? If so, and if you have. no active warts, then the answer is even more no.
Hi, thank you for the replies, I have my first appointment with the doctor next Wednesday. I have white lumps inside my anus and it seems to have spreaded, if it turns out to be warts, will the doctor immediately remove it and would I need to stay in the hospital?
They probably will immediately remove, but I can't say for sure. Hpv isn't white, as far as I know so keep an open mind. Good luck.
I hope so, if it's not Hpv, I would be so relieved, one of my lump seem to feel smaller in size, does hpv reduce in size?
Supposedly they do reduce in size, but I'm under the impression that that's a many months process.
Mine is less than a month since I first had sexual relations with a commercial worker, the other lump remains the same in size, pea size, it was soft before, i could move it but seems to have become harder over the weeks, i could still move it but not as much as when I first discovered it 2 weeks ago

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